From the Archive: A Place Called Home, Antarctica

Camp, Northern Prince Charles Mountains, Antarctica. ©

Camp, Northern Prince Charles Mountains, Antarctica. ©

Three weeks.

That is how long I spent in this tent at this location. Though an unnamed valley near Beaver Lake, my colleague and I named it Otter Valley (unofficially).

The name Otter Valley is a nod to Beaver Lake. Beaver Lake was named after the aircraft type used to land there, namely the Beaver aircraft.

In our case we were transported to this location in a Twin Otter aircraft, so the name seemed apt.

The fuzzy white on the horizon at the back of the photo is blowing snow. This photo was taken after we spent four days waiting for the high winds and blowing snow to abate. Four days in a tent in a place with 24-hour daylight, is a long stretch to do.

A good book, a colleague you get along well with and a pee bottle, make all the difference.