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Aerial photograph, Maldives. ©

Aerial photograph, Maldives. ©

To get up in the air above the surface of the planet, really can provide you with the most awe-inspiring perspective.

And if you are wondering exactly what you are looking at, you are looking at a barrier reef on the far left of the photo and in the middle, you are looking at the beginning of a sink hole within the lagoon.

This photo along with a few others, was picked up by fellow Australian, Tim Godfrey, for inclusion in the 2018 Edition of The Atlas of the Maldives.

If you love maps and are heading to the Maldives, then pick up a copy of Tim’s atlas. It includes early history on mapping of the Maldives, incredibly detailed maps showing all the atolls and islands, plus lots more.

[Disclaimer: I’m not remunerated in any way for saying this.]