From the Archive: Bells Creek Canyon

Wading down Bells Creek Canyon, Blue Mountains, Australia.

Wading down Bells Creek Canyon, Blue Mountains, Australia.

The Blue Mountains. A place of towering sandstone cliffs, beautiful waterfalls and amazing slot canyons. If you were like me in my twenties and you loved the outdoors, the Blue Mountains just west of Sydney was the place to be. So much so, that I moved there shortly after finishing university.

At the time I was heavily into rock climbing. An invitation to tag along on a canyon trip changed all that. I fell in love with canyoning, began canyon guiding and gained by Canyon Guide ticket.

Apart from introducing people to the magic of canyons, it was the ever-changing nature of guiding in canyons, that resonated with me so much. On my off days, I would head off canyoning with friends.

Overnight canyon trips are so amazing, as you bivy overnight in the canyon system. Waking up in the morning surrounded by the sheer beauty of the canyon system is hard to beat.

This photograph was taken on day two, on an overnight trip down Bells Creek Canyon. Taken with a digital SLR, inside an SPL surf housing, it is my favourite photo of the trip. It really sums up what the canyon experience can be like.