From the Archive: Horseback riding, Kazakhstan

Horse riding, Kazakhstan. ©

Horse riding, Kazakhstan. ©

Seven years ago yesterday, I was riding this horse into the mountains in southern Kazakhstan.

Prior to this trip, our outfitter - and I use that term loosely here - had some questions for us.

Outfitter: “You have experience riding a horse - correct?”

Me: “Oh yeah. You don’t need to worry about that”

Outfitter: “And you are happy for a four-day horse riding trip into the mountains?”

Me: “You bet”

Afterwards as we were walking out, my partner turned to me and asked:

Partner: “When did you last ride a horse?”

Me: “Oh…about thirty years ago when I was ten”

Partner: “Was that the pony Patches?”

Me: “Yep. And technically speaking I didn’t ride him - I was riding bareback with my cousin, who was riding him. I was just hanging on. And I did fall off that time too…”

Partner: “Okay…”