From the Archive: Kalhufahalafushi Island, Maldives

Setting anchor on Kalhufahalafushi Island, Maldives.

Setting anchor on Kalhufahalafushi Island, Maldives.

I was incredibly fortunate to call the Maldives home for two-years. Living in the capital Male’ was a stark contrast to the idyllic resorts scattered throughout the country. As a photographer, I was drawn to the non-resort side of the Maldives, which meant the people and culture of the country.

One of the first trips I ever did was to Madifushi Island in Thaa Atoll. On my second morning in Madifushi Island, I was up early and wandering around the tiny island, when I came across a group of locals boarding a dhoni. Being curious I asked where they were off too. An invitation was extended to me and five-minutes later I found myself on a dangerously overloaded dhoni headed for nearby Kalhufahalafushi Island

This photo was taken shortly after we disembarked in the azure coloured waters and waded ashore. Taken with my first digital - a Nikon D70 - I literally ran down the beach as the boy was wading ashore with the anchor. I popped some fill flash (set manually on the run), to lift the dark shadows on the boy. I had just enough time for two frames, before the scene was over.

Compositionally this photo is a bit tight. I had only just switched from a full frame film Nikon F100 to a Nikon DX body. The cropped sensor meant my wide angle lens, wasn’t quite as wide as I was used to. Fortunately I use full frame Nikon camera these days.

An article pitch to Sri Lankan Airlines Magazine, Serendib, led to a feature length article on my experience on Madifushi Island. I went on to work as a Masthead Contributor for Serendib for four-years, as the Maldives Editor.