From the Archive: Mawson Station, Antarctica

Mid summer at Mawson Station, Antarctica. ©

Mid summer at Mawson Station, Antarctica. ©

Some interesting facts and figures about Mawson Station:

  • Established on the 13 February 1954, Mawson station is one of the longest continuously operating stations on the Antarctic continent

  • The first Director of the then Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions - Phillip Law - chose the site of Horseshoe Harbour, based on aerial photographs taken by the United States, as part of Operation Highjump

  • The station is obviously named after Australian explorer, Sir Douglas Mawson. While Mawson’s accomplishments are many, he is well known for leading Australia’s first Antarctic research expedition

  • Mawson named the territory around Mawson station, Mac Roberston Land. This was a nod to Macpherson Robertson.

  • The Framnes Mountains, which is located just behind Mawson Station, was named after Norwegian whaler’s, who were active in the area circa 1930

View some fantastic early photographs of Mawson station, via the Australian Antarctic Division web site.