From the Archive: Outdoor Kids, New Zealand

The next generation of sea kayakers. Abel Tasman, New Zealand. ©

The next generation of sea kayakers. Abel Tasman, New Zealand. ©

My wife and I have a saying, “if you want outdoor kids, then you have to be outdoor parent’s”.

Given we both come from a past of lots of outdoor adventures, getting our kids involved in the great outdoors has been a no-brainer for us. That isn’t to say taking the kids outdoors doesn’t have its pitfalls. It takes time to learn what the right amount of time outside is; what the right type of adventure is and how much bad weather they can handle (answer, a lot more than you think).

The bottom line on our family adventures has been: let’s have a fun trip.

As a regular reader of Adventure-Journal and an occasional reader of Outside Magazine, I have noticed an increase in articles on studies around the health benefits of time in the great outdoors, particularly for kids growing up. I am not going to paraphrase from these studies here, but I will end by saying they are worth a read. Particularly if you are a parent and are wondering about the benefits of time outside for your kids.

Adventure Journal article: Kids Who Spend Time In Nature Become Happier Adults

Outside Magazine article: The Incredible Link Between Nature and Your Emotions

About this photo - sea kayaking trip with the kids in tow, on a superb summer day in Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand. Even today, the kids still talk about this trip and can’t wait to go on another paddling trip this summer.