From the Archive: School Boys, Upola, Samoa

School boys, Upola, Samoa.

School boys, Upola, Samoa.

When I was at photography school, the idea of doing portraits terrified me. Asking people for permission to take their photo felt pretty daunting at the time. Yet the more I looked at other photographers’ work, the more I realised that good travel photographers, always had good portraiture in their body of work.

Today when I travel, I make it a point to capture some portraits of the locals. Where I was once scared to ask for portraits, today I relish the opportunity. Not only is it a chance to capture an interesting photo, it is always an opportunity to meet people that call a place home. These encounters often lead to other things, like being invited to a person’s house for lunch (as happened in Sri Lanka once).

As for this photo, I was taking my camera for an early morning walk on the island of Upola in Samoa. These boys were on their way to school. A quick hello and “do you mind if I take your photo?”, was all that was needed for this portrait.

Thomas PickardSamoa