From the Archive: Smiling in the Vestfold Hills, Antarctica

Trajer Ridge Hut, Vestfold Hills, Antarctica. ©

Trajer Ridge Hut, Vestfold Hills, Antarctica. ©

The lady in this photo I met on my way to Antarctica. Along the way we became an item.

Having already spent a summer on the ice, I knew that one of the risks of starting up a relationship, was the fact it might not turn out so well while we were on the ice. The last thing you want to be dealing with in Antarctica is on-station relationship stress.

Fortunately for us, 10-days after arriving at Davis Station I was flown out to the Northern Prince Charles Mountains for 7-weeks. As a result, we both ended up having our own Antarctic experience, before reuniting at season end. It was the best of both worlds really.

As for us, things turned out okay.

You are looking at my wife and the mother of our two young children.

That makes me smile, just writing it.