From the Archive: Vernadsky Station, Antarctica

Antarctic humour, Vernadsky Station, Antarctica. ©

Antarctic humour, Vernadsky Station, Antarctica. ©

Vernadsky Station has a pretty interesting history. It was originally known as Faraday Station and was claimed / owned by the United Kingdom. Then in 1996, it was sold to the Ukrainian’s for one pound. The Ukrainian’s renamed it to Vernadsky Station. It was named after the first President of the Academy of Sciences, Volodymyr Vernadsky.

Today the station is still populated year around and is a popular stop for visiting expedition cruise ships. Being a smaller station, it offers visitors a real insight into how intimate a small station can be.

When I visited, the first thing I noticed was the juxtaposition of the art work on this storage container, against the bleakness of the snow and ice surrounding the station.

Learn more about Vernadsky Station via State Institution National Antarctic Scientific Centre