I offer a variety of lectures and presentations, revolving around living and working in Antarctica and photography.

Lectures & Presentations

Life in a Deep Field Camp

Cold. Windy. Remote. Isolated. Living and working in tented field camp in Antarctica is as much a physical hardship as it is a mental strain. A heartfelt account of the highs and lows of a summer spent in the Northern Prince Charles Mountains.

Experiencing The Southern Ocean

Reflections on six crossings of The Southern Ocean aboard the Australian Antarctic Division’s icebreaker, the Aurora Australis.

Technique is Beyond the Tools

A talk in which I challenge my audience to think about photography in terms of light, composition and colour.

Photographic Toolkit: Workflow Best Practice

Workflow best practice: from backing up your images, to naming schema, to DNG validation and more.

Photographic Toolkit: Editing for Impact

A deep dive into how to edit photos to tell a visual story and why less is more.

One-on-One Photography Tips

I am always available to passengers to help them with anything photography related. It can be as simple as how to get a new camera working, a question I was asked once at a landing in South Georgia. To why should I convert my RAW files to DNG format? To what does the clarity slider in Adobe Lightroom do? To how should I back up my photos? The list goes on.

Helping people take better photos with the equipment they have on a voyage provides me with immense joy.